Day 266, ~ Desolation ~


Day 266.jpg

~ Desolation ~

Weakened with defeat

Children never found their way

Absorb and disperse.


Last night I dreamed of black holes and how their not this entity of destruction but maybe of life of birth, a womb of sorts of the universe’s as they expand and die. The black holes of my mind my dreams for humanity for life always absorbing and digesting any and everything. When it collapses it will spew forth all the building blocks of something more to come, that is, til there is nothing left. This mindset inspired my sketching today. A haiku of rebirth, as what we know of life changes day in and out, there is a beauty in the despair and pain. Many of us have despaired falling into our cocoons waiting hoping to emerge, hoping to open senses to something more than when we fell into sleep. Our breath taken, heavy and drawn away.

Day 266-2.jpg

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