Day 262, Split

Day 262.jpg

~ Split ~

Divided, extremes

Resonating in accord

Life’s coalescence.


A sketch with a little duality, I can recommend this if you’d like to just have some fun with someone. One can start the sketch then stop and let another person start to sketch. Do this for several turns between each other and just see what the process will give birth to. This one came from a quick sketch session with my partner. I love where it went and what was happening and will definitely do this again. Did this same process awhile ago with some students I had, and each time its unique and explores so much of yourself the other individual or individuals. In the end you have a sketch you can debate and can inspire some conversations.

Sometimes we just have to give things time to coalesce to really see the beauty in the ending. Minds been split a little lately but, this to shall pass.

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