Day 260, ~ Linked ~

Day 260.jpg

~ Linked ~


Conundrums and causation

Interwoven lives.


Always dancing that line, the only line dancing everyone does in the end. Confronting and comforting parts of ourselves that we learn to nurture, adapt, and grow with, or eradicate, compartmentalize, and often rejuvenate. Started working on this character from the raw earring, a pearl, forged in a space of discomfort and unease yet becomes something more. Something that can take many forms, and like the pearl forms that can result in our demise, praise, value, how we see ourselves and understand ourselves, and navigate, in this world. We exist we evolve and we interact with others, other pearls that shine bright are dull and listless, perfection realized, adaptive and uniquely formed. Each one, exist, each one dances the line we all tumble along through the journey’s ahead and behind. Pearlescent layered beauty, sometimes covers other layers, heavier layers deeper layers. Layers that are part of the link that binds and the links that we all form.

Day 260-2.jpg

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