Day 259, Mutated

Day 259

~ Mutated ~

Altered states of mind

Corrupted states of being

Ensconced memories?


In a bit of a funk but when is that not true? I have to constantly battle with that and this state of being, not fully ever understanding if its my Achilles heel, or a super power of sorts. One thing for sure in the time I’ve spent on this planet it doesn’t seem to change. It is as they say what it is. Just playfully doodling with some paints and sketches again today, and kept going with this funky being lol just took on a life of its own. I like the eyes, maybe my mind was delving into transhumanism, and humanity when it starts down this path even more so than it already has. Changing and adapting the body in different ways to accomplish unique and varied and debatable ethical list of results. Just something floating through my mind today along with a myriad of other topics and current situations facing humanity today. Lol just caught up in that tornado of my mind. Today’s haiku hit me as a bit of a predicament I think to question and delve into memories, the one’s we have and will create. What are they once mutated by any number of stimulants.

Day 259-3.jpg

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