Day 258, Lost and Found

Day 258-2.jpg

~ Lost and Found ~

Baited lines cast out

Depths of the sea and your mind

Tension, something bites.


Today I woke after dreaming and thinking and fantasizing and falling into a void, I woke and wrote:

“The belief in possibilities and fantasies can be beneficial. I would however be remiss if I also didn’t admit that when the pain hits from those fantastical beliefs and possibilities that never manifest, then the resounding pain which results is exacerbated exponentially. This gives birth to loosing our innocence over and over again. The joy however means that it was never quite lost completely in the first place. So the phoenix of our fantasies rises from the ash time and again.” KKF

Day 258.jpgI found this one hard to find the visuals I wanted to create so I just started sketching anything and everything as it seems. I started with some digital heads and when I lost track I thought of lips ( no clue why just random I suppose). Eventually I took out some paper and red wax, and just thought of my sleep patterns, a few that is and decided to rough sketch out some. After all the words came to me in a dream.

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