Day 257, Pod People

Day 257.jpg

~ Pod People ~

Bubbled travelers

Lost within sound barriers

Delicate shielding.



Day 257-2.jpgIn my own little bubbled personal space I just thought of the last travel and how many of us float around this existence with glances and our personal bubbles bumping into each other now and then. It’s funny in a sense that so many of us feel alone at times even when were traveling with others we know. Because were all plugged in, in some way shape or form. I sometimes during my travels purposefully take out my music, and turn it off and look up and around and observe and absorb my surroundings making eye contact and sometimes a pleasant smile. Lol ok well what I hope is a pleasant smile you know the kind that says hello I acknowledge your existence but please leave me alone in my shy little protected bubble because I’m a little awkward if I’m not in a social mood. Or lets say anxieties or stress are acting up. At those times I think OK just play some music, podcast, lectures, and audio books til your hearts content. Because it can help us function to some extent.Day 257-3

Well from my own personal experience it does help me calm down if crowds are to big, too much noise and data input basically that you become so overwhelmed you start to have extreme anxiety or a panic attack and need escape. I’ll even admit sometimes I’m listening to some sound that calms me like the NASA’s Cassini spacecraft which recorded sound from inside and around Saturn’s rings in the void of space. I’m not sure what it is but it calms me, I fall into that void of space and just feel like I’m floating not even breathing just drifting and observing. Dissipating into that everything and nothing at all. I’ve even been falling asleep listening to this sound as it sparks my mind and imagination and the visuals have been pretty epic. Well the ones I remember when wake.

Lol don’t even ask where that jacket came from I think it was going thru some stages.

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