Day 256, Red

Day 256.jpg

~ Red ~


Bullseye has been marked and pierced

Love, lust and passion.


Just decided today to play around in my digital sketchbook today. It’s been a long week of rain and heavy sky’s and weather. The same beautiful rain that lulls me to sleep in the nighttime, during the day encompass my mind in a gray haze of sorts. I played with my sketchbook and just let my mind wander. It fell into the zone of red, That color symbolic of passion, pain, lust, intensity, blood, energy and so so much more. I like the color always gives me a warm sensation all over as though I’m charging up in some way. Maybe that’s why it features so heavily in today’s sketch. While its grey outside, chilled and subdued environment. My warrior I think that’s where I was going with him is also rather meh just so so today. But there is some intensity happening, in his mind, maybe in the rest of the body we cant observe, maybe a focal point of in the distance or someone.

I’m not sure, that’s why sketching is fun and relaxing for me. I need to do it more often when my mind and life goes dark and I fall. As a child it was something I always loved and still to this day when you can just visualize or make things up and fall into a multitude of different worlds. Especially when the world outside seems crazier and crazier everyday without logic or reason or just human decency. But Rabbit hole alert, so I will not fall into one now. Because its a beautiful grey day outside and the air filling my lungs feels invigorating. As I hope it does you as well…. take a deep breath with me now and as you sigh I shall sigh and

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