Day 255, Love Darling

Day 255.jpg

~ Love Darling ~

Each word cutting deep

Under umbrellas of love

Downpours of blind pain.


Never compose a Haiku when waking sporadically in the late night. Lies, compose when it strikes you. I don’t know how many layers are meant for this one but I liked it and stuck with it as it formed one night after I tried resting and kept waking instead. This was on the tip of my tongue so I scribbled it into my phone. Reset my music and tried to sleep again. Today and yesterday I wanted to work on a visual for it in some way but I only made a sketch I hate, a sketch that encompasses some of this subject, a sketch that will most likely never truly become realized just like it’s subject matter. It’s anecdotal but in love we find shelter from storms, at other times where left out in the tumultuous effects of change. We show our true selves to each other, or we hide just a little, hide enough to exist with the other harmoniously, to weather the storms. IDK

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