Day 253, Journey’s

Day 253-5

~ Journey’s ~

Pit falls, and mountains

Turbulent tribulations

Evolve and adapt.


It’s what we do each in our own ways and our own techniques learned from our larger species community or through self reflection and exploration. We find what works and we overcome or integrate the obstacles in becoming who we are.

Made a couple photos from our trip to Holland to visit family and I like how each one fit with the word that struck me today, Journey’s.

Journeys while biking down a long lush tree tunnel as I like to call them always never fail to make me smile, and at those moments I don’t think of tiny creatures parachuting from the leaves to my immediate direction to infect me with a parasitic bite lol, ok thought to much for a second.Day 253-3.jpg

Journey’s of the mind maybe as we become lost every other moment in thought.Day 253-4.jpg

Journey’s of a group of people as they find their way and how it effects everyone around them as well. This funky little expression caught my eye.Day 253.jpg

Journeys of taking things and giving them new life. As someone did with a trash receptacle and some old rubber boots.Day 253-2.jpg

Journeys of all types and manifestations.

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