Day 250, Solace

Day 250 (2 of 3).jpg

~ Solace ~

Penning the worlds worth

Many voices heard not seen

Shrouded in our words.


Day 250 (1 of 3).jpg

A bit of solitude is good for ones being now and then. A bit of silence with your muse, life, friends, an so on. The ones that exist there for you to touch, and those that do not, yet still contribute so very much. I danced in that world now that space and when I was exhausted from the many movements I, you, they, we sat. The blanket of inspiration fell, vision obscured, did you find the voice you which to utilize today? Or was it all drowned out, heavy, to heavy to hold and then let go finally?


Sit with me again, I am lonely and I need you, I need to you to use me and give me purpose because when the blanket fell, I fell. Under a different kind of spell, a spell of comfort of safety. I was washed by the soft wet tears that fell in the darkness, in the silence. Each ripple of each tear sending waves of emotions thru my flesh. Pushing me closer and at times further from the journey. I felt it all, and as I opened my eyes to see, I beheld the void the void in which I exist the void in which all of me is absorbed time and again and spat out onto the harsh heated pavement of reality.

Day 250 (3 of 3).jpg


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