Day 249, Woven

Day 249 (4 of 5).jpg

~ Woven ~

Impressions of day

Experienced, felt, forgot

We pierce the next veil.


Today is a random day of just appreciating and also actually living and experiencing the past couple days. Over the weekend taking care of those mundane chores that sometimes need to be done and have a way of helping to snap you either out of or into your funk of choice.

My start was to clear my mind and after some discussions with my partner reflect upon my days and my productivity, us, human connection and just life in general. My moods and swings or shall I say roller coasters of emotions. Not negative at all but actually exciting and at times inspiring. Like placing rainbow glasses upon your face to see the world in a different way.

On Saturday we woke early I not by design as I had only falling asleep around 0500, yet my body woke me around 0700. Way to little rest but I knew today we would venture to the boat and try to make a more comfortable sleeping area for resting on longer sailing trips. Full honesty I still have so many books and nautical terms to learn and I’m sure I will but with my days filled with other activities I do find it rather hard to pull those books off the shelf. But for now I think I have some time.

Anyhow after we completed the structure for the bed we packed up to leave. Earlier that day I noticed in the laundry several woolen socks with holes and decided to google about reparations. I learned of something called Darning, the process o repairing woolen socks and the tool used to do it called a Darning Egg. So I of course asked my partner can we make one? Can he teach me how? I just today actually sat down while we had some coffee and thought hell I’ll give it a go, I think for my first attempt its ok. And with so many needing repairs I’ll be busy. I’ve already learned several Norwegian techniques for blending the wool so I’m optimistic about the results later on. If someone else has experience with Darning and has tips I’d love to hear them.

Day 249 (1 of 5).jpg

Sunday was a relaxing day, fun hobbies such as gaming and such and just relaxing. Much more happened I think, but its as if I’m not producing anything then it almost feels like a lucid dream.

Monday I saw him outside doing some yard work as we might adopt 4 more chickens from the island that they inhabit in the summer months. Running around free. Usually at the end people remove them either for slaughter or finding them new homes. Since our girl is still alone after the past eagle attack were thinking we will try giving her some friends and a social life. Omg I’m wordy , I say all this to say I saw him re-purposing a shelter to make a larger chicken coop. That visual inspired me to throw on some overhauls and grab the trimmers for the bushes around the property and give them some love. My overhauls I accidentally washed with a red t-shirt some times ago, so now their like a neon pink. After finishing the bushes I found my way up to my green house where I made her ready for the winter rest.Day 249 (5 of 5).jpg

Once back in the house I re-hydrated with some water, caught up on the news and thought of the Amazon again. And it of course inspired my doodle for today and the fact that we always must remember how we are all woven into the fabric and success of life. This bond is so vital and seems so simple to appreciate yet so many forget because its not as shiny or valued next to human made currencies and delights.

I thought I would throw this doodle away, but something spoke to me as this day wove itself together.


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