Day 245, Let me ponder this.

Day 245 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Let me ponder this ~

Laid it before me

Vulnerable and honest

Pondering your truth.


Today I’m raw and, I woke around 1 am til 4 having had some amazing visuals in my sleep. I wanted to sleep some more I wanted to stay in bed. But I also knew I wanted to sketch I had to put down what I saw because at that moment I decided they shall be oil paintings. At least that’s what I visualized. So I crawled out of bed sitting at my workstation half naked with only a robe on and music in my ears and started to document what I envisioned. I’m happy with the progress of these images and will share them later I’m sure. But my desk is a quarantined explosive area of images and sketched from a state of slumber. I think when the moment strikes you have to get up and make something happen. But yeah I must have been using everything, pastels, paints, water colors, pencils, chalk etc. Zombie mode at its finest, so I sat in another place and just sketch this little guy for today’s post. I think my mind is empty from my dreams so I just let whatever happen happen today. Also the sun is shining and I reaaallly want to go and get some of my vitamin D and just some air and sunlight on my flesh.

Natures medicine for heavy minds. It’s calling to me and I will answer, so for today’s rather quick piece and Haiku,  I just thought of the art of conversation. I thought of this man sitting there eyes widening with anticipation of your reality, your mind, your perceptions shared and divulged to him to ponder and eventually respond. Will he hear you and your words? Will he truly digest everything your saying, and how your saying it? Will he understand and truly see you? As you present and as you lay yourself or parts of yourself bare for his gaze. Will you do the same?

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