Day 244, Dead Ends

Day 244 (5 of 6).jpg


~ Dead Ends ~

Never the roads end,

Paths become varied and new

Our sights set further.


That bump in the road, the end in the road, or even the destruction of the road your on. Does not stop your journey, it merely becomes new and unknown. Take a moment, a breather, and a drink of water, change your shoes and throw on some hiking boots and continue. I tend to grab a large staff or stick or something laying around, extra support and something comforting.

Sometimes I feel lost and loose my way often actually, stuck within a limbo of knowing yet feeling completely oblivious to everything. Falling into a void a vacuum of some sort where its cold and strange yet calming. As I curl upon my self the new void that is created in my center begins to fill with amazing visuals and events. It is there I feel uneasy it is there life ceases, everything is nothing and nothingness is everything.

Today just had fun we bought a couple cacti the other week and today I finally decided to give them a new home. We picked up a large clear base to fill and that’s about all that was planned. Maybe some rocks in the bottom which came to fruition as you see, Day 244 (2 of 6).jpgbut I also thought well I have some mesh fabric and then I needed layers. This technique also helps in not drowning your floral companions. Day 244 (1 of 6).jpgDay 244 (4 of 6)I turned around while drinking my tea and noticed my little skeleton sitting next to some collectible toys and thought lets give him something to do. Once I had the base as I walked back down to the house I notices some broken branches and then I went to where we chop all the wood foraging for what I thought a sign would look like. Once inside I decided I wanted this little guy to have some type of clothing that was buried near him. The circumstances of his demise rather questionable lol. So a little whimsy comes into play, in a little dark desert where something is always afoot.Day 244 (3 of 6).jpg

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