Day 243, Flights

Day 243 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Flights ~

Waiting patiently

Point A to B departures

She flew, everywhere.


Existing in the moment and the journey. The next flight leaves soon, destination unknown and the ticket one way. This was just a brief doodle in a moment of contemplation and thinking and pondering life, travel, everyone path, and everyone’s destination and how and when they intersect and if they ever do. When they intersect is it known in shared experiences or tangible physical contact, or verbal. Why do they mean so much to some, and so little to others? A brief moment of interaction can and usually does change something for someone a kindness, a look, a miniscule moment in our travels. I think this is what I try to do and be I have experiences which could create a fear for me but I’d rather take the chance if it helps another. Putting myself aside and trying to be a positive strong force in the world.

I’ll share this letter I received so long ago from a random man I believe I bumped into while leaving a Barnes N Nobel Bookstore. It shocked me, because he asked politely for me to stop and take time out of MY DAY , MY MOMENT, MY LIFE, WHAT DO YOU WANT? It made my heart smile if that’s a thing. It also gave me the wherewithal to reflect how my initial inner thoughts were, and ask myself is this who I want to be, is this who I am? I should say maybe I was so guarded because I believe that same week there was someone that was a little to forward and vulgar in his trying to get my attention so I was maybe guarded a little, and then causing the anger for the other individual to almost manifest itself on another individual.

Anyhow I found it just today going through some of my old poetry books and scribbling’s and it made me smile again. And realize I like in some way trying to spread joy when I may not be in a joyful place. But not so much as to go into overkill lol I mean hell we all know from our musings and lives that sometimes you just have to let whatever mood it is have its day in the sun, because that reflection of humanity can also help another. So that they challenge themselves to shine for someone else or maybe just observe that things do not and should not always be blissful. Here is the letter and I love the frills and how he sculpted his the ink with his pen on the paper.

Day 243 (1 of 1)-2

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