Day 242, Life Force

Day 242 (1 of 2)

~ Life Force ~

She’s there in all forms

Breathing and sustaining us

We ignore her screams.


We praise our man-made wonders as though they were our life’s blood. When it is actually the earth beneath and surrounding it. The atmosphere, the soil, the gravity, the link and bond of everything living and not. And as our people of greed, and indifference suck from the teat, of the planet exploiting what they will for monetary gains. Fighting over new resource rich locations which should be left alone. We don’t hear her screams of pain, why personify our planet because it is our home, it has no voice that most care to understand. It hopefully compels those that would see it as nothing to think maybe they should care. The worlds people are starting to wake a little thanks to some trying to scream for the planet that we can’t stay on this same path expecting a good outcome.

As our politicians feed the masses with he said she said bollocks, the land, the people, the animals, the environment suffers. Yet they stay the path of doing nothing and blaming everything except their inaction to quell these fires surrounding us. Because they continue the quest to line their pockets to own the next big thing, they hunger for power to rule and control. At least the ones failing the most tend to have the loudest voices, drowning out potential positive and knowing voices of reason. These loud brash entitled individuals will reach for and blame anything and everything else except their own actions their own rhetoric and what they themselves put into the world empowering others to become militant in their ideals and actions. But who cares about the loudest voices the most wealthy, the most powerful, the ones with the biggest weapons arsenal. The only voice we should all care about greatly is the one supporting us and keeping us alive. Our little species gobbling up anything and everything it can for a man-made currency to attain more.

Disregarding native people who on every continent have been exploited moved, killed, forgotten, ignored because of their way of life. The way of life that brought all of us to be. Why are so many pushed away, rights and lands taken, and most often never restored? They are also the life blood of our species and should be held in great reverence. Because they lived with the land without destroying the land. They lived with the animals without decimating them. They have a respect for the balance of all things that make their breath possible. They should garner the ultimate in respect and protection in every nation, and seldom do.

My mind is rambling, while what has been referred to as our Earths lungs are burning. Matchsticks of blame are tossed into the blaze as it rages on.

Humans are amazing in the accomplishments we have made, but when it starts to cross lines of no return isn’t it enough? How come so many of us value traveling if were fortunate enough to do so. We travel to tranquil and often beautiful destinations where you feel like the earth radiates joy. Where people have learned to strike a proper balance with everything around them, respecting and existing within nature. But in returning home some try to take it with them, ripping away that which they thought was so beautiful, or while visiting they leave traces of their trash and indifference strewn all over the place. How is it acceptable that remote places on earth have trash washing upon their shores from parts of the world they have never seen or even had contact with?

I’m sorry when the flood gates are thrown open, what was held rushes out with rage in waves. Carrying me further from the start, you feel as though you cant swim and you will simply drown. But maybe that is the ultimate and only conclusion to this human journey. I’m worried for our environment, the indigenous peoples, the multitude of species that call the rain forest home.

What will happen when the flesh of the earth is singed, will it be replanted in an effort to regrow and save the rain forest, or will it be a race to see who can claim the land as it goes to the highest bidders, or the ones that line the most pockets with the green of man instead of the green of the EARTH! The earth the planet we are lucky to call home, has never been and should never be a talking point. It is everything!

This is and will always be an important battle, and I hope the world is triumphant before its to late…

Day 242 (2 of 2).jpg

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