Day 240, Elements Bliss

Day 240 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Elements Bliss ~

Wind caresses you

Earth supports, water fulfills

Fires rage within.


I was convinced when I was but a wee child that my only love would be nature. And in some ways its true for all of us. If were able to get to a point where we feel whole and connected with ourselves and nature we in a sense have it all. A peace of mind and body and soul, as we feel connected with the most important parts of our existence. In today’s post I’ll include the poem from my childhood I wrote as well trying to captivate this feeling.

I called it:

~ My Family ~

The sun is my father, who opens up my eyes so that I may take flight

The Moon my mother, who shelters me in the dark cold of night

The Water my sister, to wash away the evil that would have me in its games

The Fire my brother, to envelope me in it’s protective flames

The Wind my friends, to caress and guide me along my way

The Earth my lover, always embracing me, even in death and decay

These are the ones that make me whole, and they are the ones to whom I shall release my soul.


Lol maybe you can see in the wording I was always a loner child one who observed and purposefully remained a little outside. It also speaks to my Gothic side as well as I liked to embrace the full spectrum of light to dark , pain and joy. But I still found solace in the elemental energies.

Day 240 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

I thought I include this little photo of my poetry book from back then. It’s filled with tons of


things from poems to music and songs I would make up. I thought maybe someone would enjoy its odd cuteness as I do.


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