Day 238, Minuscule Muse

Day 238 (2 of 3).jpg

~ Minuscule Muse ~

Where most cannot see

Existing effortlessly

You shimmer and dance.


Lol sometimes I laugh at the crazy, fight it hold it at bay. At other times I embrace it, becoming intimate with it rolling around and just allowing the moment to happen.

Today was one of the times I embraced it and ran with it letting my mind do what it does. This morning while washing up I noticed a little grass clump on the floor very tiny and almost unnoticeable. But my mind blew it up into something more. Something ugly, something of nightmares, and yet quite beautiful as it gave birth to something more. This little piece of grass with some tiny roots and dirt attached became the muse of the day. Day 238 (1 of 3)As it crawled out of my mind and sought to consume time from my day. Sought to become a creature that would haunt you as you thought of ways it would invade your flesh.

I admit though it became something else entirely as I started making a whole history for it and habitat. I can picture this being a type of predatory insect of sorts. One able to camouflage itself in its surroundings by planting its root like limbs into the earth, anchoring itself securely. Raising its backside into the air, it blends with the blades of grass as they cut a move dancing with the wind. I’m not sure if it can then eat in piece as it consumes creatures within the earth where its head and limbs are buried, or if it can spring into action attacking anything that comes to close on the surface. 20190816_131930.jpg

I finished making my breakfast and grabbed my coffee, sat down at my desk and put on some music and just had some freaky full moon Friday fun. Its funny I love gaming and many other escapes, but I have so much more peace when I’m just in the zone. In the realm of calm hearing the water, the brushes, and the pigments on the surfaces, the tools each making their own distinct noise, coming together for a vision. Hmm what would you name this creature?

Today’s haiku is just one of appreciation for tiny unnoticed or ignored things in the world. Including parts of us that don’t shimmer as much as other parts but still help with the entirety of our form.


    1. Wild grace that is interesting, I like it. A graceful dance between hidden and exposed, beauty and beast, delicate yet sturdy, and I’m rambling lol.


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