Day 237, Messy



Day 237 (1 of 3).jpg


~ Messy ~

Sitting in her room

Mental tornadoes revealed

Worlds are colliding.


Day 237 (2 of 2)

Today I just chose to take my uninspired mind of today and delve into those things that need to be done. Reorganizing your workspace always seems to sit high for me. Thus, the Haiku for today because in doing so maybe I begin to see things a little differently. Also, it’s just nice to do occasionally, I mean also its good for what ever you have equipment wise. Had to do some things on my computer too as yesterday the poor thing was down to operating with only 5 GB of memory, so crash it did. Memory was so tight since everything else was allocated to updates, digital pieces and digitized paintings, photography, games, and so much more. I think I’m kind of a digital hoarder in some ways lol. After some brief organizing and of course a little playing on my computer installing backgrounds I love, like anything with the universe. I enjoy the multiple screen display for many reasons but the little child in me that will never die, loves the cockpit feel of a spaceship, a racecar, an airplane or any type of navigation feeling. Also, when I’m working it helps to have things placed separate, references, my digital canvas and photoshop or lightroom etc. I’m not the best though because I use my computer for like ever, until it works no more. I’ve been working on this one for over 9 years upgrading the memory and processor only recently. This I think is a good thing though, but I’m rambling. Once I was finished, I did try to sketch some but yeah, I hate everything today and I know that’s ok. Its part of the process sometimes. The charm of where I live is nice but if I were near a city, I would have taken my materials and found a perfect little place to sit around people and then just let it happen.  I also read a little more in a book I’m reading again and wanted to share one part I think that resonated so well for me. The book I’m diving into now amongst others, concentration problems.

Anyhow the book is called (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) by Friedrich Nietzsche. It comes from the section titled, Of the Tree on the Mountainside; the character Zarathustra had just noticed a young man he had seen earlier in his journey ignoring him. This time he approached him where he stood standing next to him, he said:


“If I wanted to shake this tree with my hands I should be unable to do it.

But the wind, which we cannot see, torments it and bends it where it wishes. It is invisible hands that torment and bend us the worst.” FN


It goes so much further and deeper, but I loved this, The visual the phrasing and the truth.

Side thought my neck was hurting me for some time because I had mounted my screens a little to low and the chair a little to high. So, my fiancé made some little stands for my screens to elevate them. To help my neck it was a perfect gift.

Day 237 (2 of 3).jpg

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