Day 236, Phoenix

Day 236 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

~ Phoenix ~

Scorched evolution’s

Rekindled ash, flames ignite

Soar, flying higher.



Falling time and again, the embers of the ashes at your feet will ignite. This was a playful moment where I channeled an artist, I like Grace Jones and her Island Life album cover. She is always one of the artists I admire, her fierce and beautiful fire just scorching the earth in a beautiful energetic path behind her.

Today’s a bit rough and had a couple moments which I’m tired of at times but it’s the nature of the beast, I think. A guttural explosion of emotion, tears flowing chaotically in every direction, awash in a void as you but not you.

Were reborn in small battles and large alike, kind of like a phoenix we give so much of ourselves and burn out turning to ash. Ash that is blown away, dispersed, or that becomes saturated in tears, changed and reformed. I like the idea of the ashes catching the wind glowing and burning a little more, and then igniting again bursting into an energetic flame ready to take flight again.

The ashes are nothing more than a resting phase, from which to rise again and again.

Day 236 (1 of 1).jpg

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