Day 235, Tainted Taunts

Day 235 (2 of 2)

~ Tainted Taunts ~

Linger in your sights

Obstructing the views ahead

Reset and refocus.



Its what we do Its what humans are for the most part good at. Getting past things sometimes, Today was a nice rainy day I met a random man on a fast boat to the city. We had a pleasant discussion there and later coming back. I’m home now I’m relaxing I’m refocused. But the day was rather long in the sense that My mind was elsewhere rambling thinking preparing for all and any kind of news. In my family there has been breast cancer, so I decided maybe a couple weeks ago to go early just to make sure everything is ok. Been having some pains and odd feelings so I went to the doctor who set up today’s Mammography. And omg first time and the best because they did not get the pictures well the first time. After pancaking my breast in the rather big and awkward machine. It was my first time so the guy literally had to pose every part of my body the way I should stand optimally lol. That’s fun, so much so he had to remind me to breath. I was calm but yeah that machine is not made for comfort. And we all know my mind went to visions of horror films thinking if it malfunctioned or something. Anyhow after the X-rays were taken, he led me to a waiting room so I could hear the results in a bit.  So, there I sat in the waiting room reading my Book from Nietzsche and going deep into thought. Stopping only now and then to look up at the clock and wonder if my results were not ideal. So, my mind started thinking what if it something and untreatable. How would I respond? How would I adapt? What would my next moves be? I got to sit in a waiting room, the dreaded waiting room where minds can wander. And we all know mine tends to wander everywhere and rather vividly. But I let go of that spiral and I looked down at my book smiled and thought let’s read some more. Whatever will be, will be.


As I started to get into the book again the doctor who was helping me walked past the waiting room and made a face that said OH! has anyone gotten you yet? I laughed inside, as he said wait a moment then disappeared. He came back 5 min later saying we had to take some more photos. So back to the smash um, grab um machine. For round two will now commence, please disrobe. He did let me know it was nice I came in early for this type of test because of the family connection and others having had breast cancer. Then he let me know that in Norway they usually don’t do this until after you turn 50, so I have good time before then, but I also was happy I wanted to do it early. As I’ve picked up from others its better to know these things soon as possible. Anyhow the second round of x-ray images was ok, but they couldn’t let me know the results right then. So, they will get back to me and whatever will be will be.


After I was finished, I was able to walk to the city and enjoy a coffee then a tea and some reading and then just looking out at the water and taking in some fresh air. Today’s haiku is just my little reset for the days events and keeping them in perspective.



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