Day 234, Distortions

Day 234 (1 of 1).jpg

~ Distortions ~

Poised and perfected

Idyllic ideations

Warped and wavering.



Today I posed, I posed as someone who knew what they desired and could grasp and accomplish what they dreamed. Sometimes however those dreams become a storm, that storm becomes a torrential downpour which then evolves further into a violent thunderous cry.

Wailing winds, shards of tears, cutting and stinging your being. Vision obscured, and as you peer through the depth of the waves washing over you.


Chilling cold subdues your flesh into a hibernating slumber. Will you wake? Will you dream? Resting in the bosom of the shadows as they envelope you swallow you.


Eyes heavy, heart follows, limbs fall limp, you lay there. Stuck between worlds and minds, unable to pose unable to shine.

Exhausted, exasperated, and extinguished.

Giving so much of yourself you lose your form; you lose your way. A new puzzle piece to find and fit into a nonexistent space.

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