Day 232, Marathons or Sprints

Day 232 (1 of 2).jpg

~ Marathons or Sprints ~

Running hard and fast

Mazes of untold sizes

Running the distance.


We each fall into and carve out our path, maze our perceived destiny’s.  Most following the parameters of the outside world and our fellow humans. Civilized societies, but sometimes it seems more like a packs of wild savage animals attacking each other killing each other abusing and using each other. At this point civility falls to the side so that one or a group of people can feel special as though they have a greater purpose than any others. Whether the science and statistical data backs this corrupted way of thinking or not. And we all know who dare to read and investigate even a little that it never does. When looking at all the factors of these situations. But I don’t want to get that deep now I don’t want to venture into that rabbit hole. We’ve seen and live through so many of them that its now a tactic of survival and sanity to learn to limit our intake of these atrocities. Or we will forgo the blue and the red pill to take the last pill. The one that ends it all and provides us with the ultimate escape from what our fellow humans do.

I can’t understand it, I myself have suffered through some horrific events in my life and I did not take up a weapon to kill and slaughter innocent lives that were not responsible for the actions of a few demented and savage people.  I instead chose to internalize and try to start healing from within out. I opened myself to love even though I’m not quite sure I’m capable of it. I am not a victim I am just a being with a certain set of factors in this existence that I work with. And there is a place for that development. Were all flawed and we all have our marathons or sprints of life to run, jog, walk, or crawl. Figuring out these plotted and random courses is what makes life beautiful. If were lucky before they end, we learn what kind of person we are and have been. Who we have touched and inspired, loved and distance ourselves from during these journeys? Only if were truly capable to look at ourselves with the same discerning eyes that we observe everyone else with.

I know therefore some of my pieces have distant and forlorn looks, dead eyes deep with seemingly everything except joy. But there is some joy there always is, I liked yesterday’s doodle because her eyes when I got to them, I think I did them last or first I honestly can’t remember but I wanted them to tell many stories and then maybe nothing at all. There was a depth and a shallowness to the look, one I leave up to those who view her to discern. Today’s piece was made while sitting on a bus with my sister in law to our next destination. And I saw a woman running suddenly in front of the bus before we had taken off. I took her in, and I immediately appreciated her and what I perceived to be her strength and her journey. I say it that way because none of us will know. She was a random jogger who inspired me, and I appreciate her for that. And yes, her ponytail was memorable as it moved and bounced back and forth vigorously in the wind. The only other thing I wanted to know is what was she listening to?

Yesterday I took a long walk and I can say my favorite song which I played multiple times on repeat while walking was by Will Bates & Phil Mossman a piece called “Boise” loved this one, and “Invisible Doors” really made me cry while walking I’m sure that was a  nice spectacle lol. Links connected to the titles if any are curious or not familiar with the pieces. These resonated so nicely yesterday with pacing and just I’m not sure but its one of the reasons I love music, because the right kinds can strike a chord within us all releasing our emotional floodgates. The haiku I just wanted to sum up life and how we tackle it.


On a side but cute note when I finished my piece my little nephew was on the buss with us and I noticed he was a little bored and agitated so I took out my little red sketch book gave him some pencils and told him to let his mind wander. Kind of like what his little mind came up with, looks like a house of some sort and then a television with a song in the background a desk or piano, a person or a trophy on a swing and a person seemingly scared by a man-eating plant. Lol Love it and even more the fact that he played with perspectives.

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