Day 230, Orbiting

Day 230 (1 of 2).jpg

~ Orbiting ~

I noticed you there,

Our worlds colliding briefly,

I see and sense you.



Trains, People, Sketches

Just out in the world and you notice, and you observe, and you sketch, keeping it simple, keep it informative, if you plan to maybe do something with the info later. But for me I like a semi empty mind and just take in what’s around you. Just exist in the moment don’t look at your phone, maybe have music playing in your ears if you’re like me and can have anxiety and focus on too many things at once taking everything in causing a kind of overwhelming rush of data. The music can help with this for me it alienates you from the surroundings you feel like an entity just there to observe and enjoy. Yes, you do remove some stimuli but if it helps to focus then its worth it. But if you can sometimes you simply must be in everything, the sights the sounds, the feelings of the cacophony of everything.

The two doodles I share today were born from some people I noticed on the train. One at the station and one inside the train sitting across the isle from me. The first I loved his neck I loved the bend of it and his intense focus on his mobile and what he was doing. He was completely oblivious to everything around him in his bubble. Sitting at the other end of the bench he became my 1st subject for that moment. The second man was one sitting on the train across from me that kept looking up with a pleasant smile and then looking out the window. He was fun to sketch because he was a challenge as well. He kept looking up and noticing me to. And if you know anything about me so far from this blog, you know I don’t mind the fact that at times I can disappear to some extent lol. Tall amazon woman tends to get noticed often. Anyhow you can feel awkward sometimes because you don’t want to give the wrong impression, but you want to keep observing and sketching and taking it all in. So, let’s just say it’s a dance of the ultimate in awkward choreography. But it can work with quicker sketching and relying on your mind to retain the info, or just quicker glances and longer sketching in between.

The thought in the back of my mind, always even from years and years is that you’ll always still have this creepy feeling, you don’t want to stare you just want to observe, you don’t want to affect the situations and contaminate the data in a sense. For myself at least this thought never goes away its always there and honestly, I’ve never had anyone think OMG are you watching me why are you sketching me etc. In fact, I’ve only had the people that now and then come up and want to see what your working on and then enjoy a small pleasant conversation. Sometimes you will get the others who are like hell I’ll let you sketch me naked if you like, come with me. Lol these make you laugh and a little, fearful, and a little curious, if its someone you wouldn’t mind sketching. But my rule of thumb is to sketch and keep it pleasant and then leave. Unless you have good feelings then maybe you find a new muse, that can inspire multiple works. I speak for myself and I’m always after my elusive muse, this ideal that there will be one who just makes me loose my mind in wanting to capture and encapsulate them in every creative form.  Lol not sure what that’s completely about and maybe one day we can attempt to psychoanalyze that but not now. I’ve let my mind ramble enough.

Today’s haiku encompasses this important dance of the human connection however brief it might be.

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