Day 228, Layovers


~ Layovers ~

Take it all in stride

Destinations not in sight

Run to find, yourself.



Today is very late for my post but I think I’m making it right before midnight so yeah. Like today’s quick piece and haiku illustrates well that I’m taking a little time to reevaluate and discover what it is I’m truly saying doing or even exploring.  I’m lucky that for this little hiatus I’m able to stay in the home of family that will take a mini vacation themselves. So I can explore a little, read a little, learn to listen and maybe find something I’m looking for. I’m actually not quiet sure, it’s 10 min til midnight so I will just shut up for now. I’m not sure if I’ll post while I’m away after today only because I wanted to escape from everything. Using this time to grow is my desire, only a couple weeks but I don’t know I’m hopeful it will be fruitful in my future inspirations. I’m armed with my sketch book, some watercolors and paper and my digital station. A couple books and no goals other than to figure some things out.  Over 12 hours in travel I’m exhausted and will give way to sleep now and see what tomorrow brings.

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