Day 227, ~ Infinite Impressions ~

Day 227.jpg


~ Infinite Impressions ~

We hunger grasping at shadows

Moments lived, perceived and recorded

Emotional layers, compounding each other

Depths unknown and unseen

Corporeal, and tempered parts of us

Cherished and squandered

Tethered paradoxically

We dive over and over delving into the unknown

Endless Manifestations

Dancing twisting and turning

Knotting upon themselves

Strength within the chaos.



Day 227

Something I just started doing along time ago not sure when exactly, but I liked these impressions these moments and trying to capture them. Over time they become perverted in a sense because they’re not as pure as they once were, or we perceived them to be.

This got my mind spinning thinking of all those reflections we leave within and without ourselves. I guess especially now when were in a time where so many of us now record ourselves our images our experiences over and over and over.

I too log these layers haphazardly and most often in vain. There are literally so many layers and sub layers, subatomic, layers within time, and multiple spaces to what we do. Our actions, our interactions, and it’s all extremely daunting but also rather mind-altering and fascinating.

This photo was one I took thinking it barely captures that feeling, the shadows dancing along our journeys, all the lines and intersections and diverting paths taken and not. Paths unseen as they abscond into the distance too far for our eyes or minds to perceive, until were further on the journey.

Day 227



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