Day 226, ~ On Point ~

Day 226.jpg

~ On Point ~

Each breath and movement

Beguilingly powerful

On point, with purpose.



Today’s little piece was inspired by Misty Copeland and accomplished ballerina and powerful roll model. Didn’t know what to make for today and I was looking at my friend’s puppy on Instagram when Misty’s post passed, and I liked one of her images which inspired me thinking of her journey and the strength it took and still takes. I still remember and when I randomly dance around the house what I could have done if I had not let one person dissuade me from ballet because I was 193 cm tall (6 foot 3.5 inches). Lol I was too tall and would never make it, no shoes were made in my size and I would not find partners to dance with etc. At that time, I wasn’t as strong as I am now, so it did defeat me. And I let that dream die, giving that person the power in that moment to alter my life. Dance still hold s something powerful for me in my heart and when the limbs move, and the breath and strength you must master, and I love it. I feel free, I feel connected. The winds rushing by the fire within your muscles and the water flowing from your flesh you become grounded, you become whole.

Day 226

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