Day 224, ~ Heat ~


~ Heat ~

With her fan she moves

Gracefully beating the warmth

Brushing them all off.


Today just working on a new program and getting my footing, I wish to have something to say but soon its a little trip for me. Just need to be away from everything for a little time , I suppose Eat, Art, Explore. My little play on the film Eat Pray Love. My parents in law have been super sweet so while they take a mini vacation I can stay at their place, so hoping I find what I’m looking for with some time alone. Anyhow today while learning this new program on my PC I just started a new work in progress of a muse I remembered from one of my past travels, a random woman walking with her fan trying to beat the heat. And the annoying cat calls from all angles. She strides and she moves with purpose. Today’s work in progress and homage to her.


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