Day 219, ~ Mirages ~


~ Mirages ~

Ocean mist, mirage

Dreaming seas, promises made

Swayed seductions rule.



Was waiting the other day at my fiancé’s workplace. Just sitting on the dusty sofa in the mini lounge / lunch area they have. Waiting for two hours to pass before I had my doctor’s checkup. I had my pad with me and a book. A dull rainy day very grey very muted and distant. I turned my view inwards and just observed this location this place. As with many workplaces some art and calendars adorned the musty walls. By the sofa I saw her a beautiful woman from some playboy of sexy woman calendar. She was posed on a rock near the ocean side beautiful, seductive. I saw and took the image in and just decided today she will be my muse. My altered perception muse, then again maybe I was just wantonly destructive, I desired to change her form and make her my own. Is this not what these images are meant to do? Arouse the viewer to want to have or be with this visual this ideal.

I started sketching, appreciating her beauty but we see that enough I wanted to sketch a character based on a person’s hunger for something, always something more. Towards the ends we sometimes come to the realization that we had enough. For my haiku to fit the piece I thought of the ocean behind her the distance the draw of where does all of it lead? What’s on the other side, the desire to explore, dream, and covet. I don’t know, nothing to deep but I was taken back to a day we were sailing on the sea, it was calm, the waters beautiful and serene the sky deep and alive with eerie depth. And I was hungry I was starving with the desire to leave and just explore it now, leave and get away from everything and everyone vanishing into exploration of the self and the unknown. A tiny spec of a boat lost in the vast sea and winds of voyaging. Dust upon the cosmos, even smaller than that in the greater scheme of things, subatomic even.


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