Day 217, ~ Overdose ~

Day 217.jpg

~ Overdose ~

Exquisitely caught

Giving in you lose, control

The red sofa saturated with you

Your scent, your body, glued in place

My words receive no response

They fall on deaf, digital ears

Your gone, yet here

I miss you I love you

I was never here

And neither are you

Shut down


Today I just had a little fun cocooned in my little workspace, and just allowed myself to

Day 217-3.jpg

think of the first thing I could and I saw him I saw this personification of an individual like so many of us that just gives in to our addictions. Maybe sometimes we don’t know how to stop, we indulge constantly and without concern for the other parts of us that are living. We fall into a void where the competition and the hunt are to constantly reach the next goal the next satisfactory plateau of achievement.

It never is enough, so we start the journeys over and over and over. Today I thought of the beauty of escapism in our world and how it can save us from the insanity of it all but can also become a prison of sorts confining ourselves in a reality of safety of social links with like-minded people and adventures. Sometimes avoiding all people and just existing alone and away from it all. Away from all the craziness of the real world and instead welcoming a world with some defined parameters but where the pain is minimal and the possibilities limitless. I don’t know I just imagined him and had fun today creating him and exploring our addictive tendencies to our own detriment at times, knowing full well at times I have been and still am this person in some regards.

Day 217-2.jpg

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