Day 215, ~ The herd ~

Day 215.jpg

~ The herd ~

Herd mentality

Joyous bonding or slaughter

One herd meets another.



Stopped to say hello to some happy cows hanging out in a field together. I don’t think they’re so cute, but I do like them, their beautiful. I’m doing my simple thing appreciating simple life pleasures. Like the other day I was walking down the road a little distant a little sad not making eye contact with anything. When I finally looked up, I noticed some cows sitting in a huge field, relaxing, playing etc. After some minutes passed and I walked further down the road I noticed they had all risen and where following me as far as they could along the boundary. It made me smile maybe they just saw a brown form moving but I chose to think they could sense I was not a threat that my energy was a good one and their curiosity was peaked. Maybe their just used to the farmers that take care of them lol. Hell, I like to dream sometimes 😊 I walked on after greeting them with a soft hello smiling at their cacophony of moos in reply, I sauntered on!

Today’s haiku has layers but nothing I care to expound upon today in my attempts to make it a happy entry for the blog. Because the sun was shining, I was enjoying the fresh air and my mind rambling as it so often does. Uninspired I took to a little jogging/walking in the fresh air.


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