Day 211, ~ Emotional Dispersion ~

Day 211.jpg

~ Emotional Dispersion ~

Seemingly contained

Emotional upheaval

Blue orchid opens.



During yesterdays long journey in the car through construction and boats and people, people, people, everywhere. Cars everywhere people moving, going here and there. Energy, looks, stress, sounds, movements, cacophony of chaotic interactions. Drove me a little mad a little insane a little falling into internal isolation, a void, a realm in which there was calm there was a soothing light of comfort and enveloping restful hues. Quiet with a voice still of depth to fall into. When I’d leave this cocoon, I would grab for more tools to combat the activities of the day the activities that stretched over many hours and would seem to have no end. When I knew full well the journey would end eventually. When I surfaced from the realm of calm, I grabbed my digital canvas and just played around giving form to something else, an emotion, trying to, for me the tousling and jostling of the vehicle does not a smooth line make. Where I would stop normally, I kept going and the blue orchid room came to exist in another form to be shared and refracted in others reflective surfaces.

Maybe I wrote this haiku and thought of this room, this experience as an orchid, because I’ve learned from some readings that you need a sterile environment if you wish to sew some orchid seeds. For me this calming space seems it to is sterile from all the noises and distractions of the world. Back to the orchid growing reference. This I hope one day to share but I must admit I’ve still been a little scared a little hindered from removing my seeds and hoping that I do everything correctly and manage to raise them to bloom effectively. With environmental instability and other possible outcomes affecting them and their progress I know it will be a daunting task to say the least.

Day 211

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