Day 210, ~ Lofty Intentions ~

Day 210.jpg

~ Lofty Intentions ~

I raise you with words

Lifting with love and support

Heavy yet weightless.


LOOOOOONG day in the car as we made the road trip back south. He was a trooper wanting to stay behind the wheel the entire 19 hours. Not straight through however with ferry boat rides and breaks now and then. I fell in and out of sleep failing now and then at my diligent attempt to be alert and social in our journey. We’ve finally arrived at the house and now the unpacking and chores begin so that the new day can start tomorrow. This one still however beckon’s for dinner to be made and it is now 2230 so very late dinner.

Days like this drain me to a level of fatigue that can only be expressed in a flood of tears and expulsion of life and worries all at once in a mini tirade of emotional outpourings. You know the ones you keep firmly behind closed gates when you feel like you’re in control. Lol that wondrous belief of control. Well from the quick and rapid shots made from states of slumber you can see my head was lifted to focus on the clouds today, so beautiful as they descended from their lofty heights to kiss the mountains and then return again to their perches dispersed and reformed anew. My mind wanders and I fall in and out again and again.

Day 210-2.jpg

Day 210-5.jpg

Day 210-4.jpg

Day 210-3.jpg

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