Day 209, A Puppy’s Love

~ A puppy’s love ~

Rambunctiously shared

They love, and look up, to us

Those eyes, I’m ruined.


Visiting my friend and falling in love with her new family member, a puppy called Barrel @barrel_the_does on instagram. His breed is called schapendoes. Can’t wait to see him later all grown up. We had to make a road trip to visit some new people renting out our old home in the North. Check all the fixtures and do some adulting stuff. For me though it’s really a pleasure to meet my best friend again and see the mountains of the North that I fell in love with in Norway. Not to mention the cooler climates up north are always chillingly pleasing. Idk Monday snuck up on me again but besides the mountain air, my friend and her cute as hell puppy I can’t complain I’m enjoying the time we have before the big drive back home tomorrow.