Day 208, ~ Currents ~

Day 208.jpg

~ Currents ~

Call it what you will

Its effects are felt by all

A flow, a balance.



Uff have a horrible migraine today but powering through because that’s what we do. I think I made mine worse lol mindlessly sketching today and thinking of and focusing on currents of life of forces those seen and unseen. The background I wanted a layered muddled motion of movement. Maybe my mind is muddled because of the migraine but maybe not.


I’m thinking also of the currents

within our minds,

our blood,

the wind,

the Earth,

the waters,

the flames,

the reverberations of our sounds,

as we speak to and connect with life.


I’m thinking when maybe I shouldn’t I should try relaxing but I’m thinking, I’m focusing, and I wish to find something more something greater maybe? And understanding of the currents of it all possibly.  My own personal greed I wish to know more and see where it all ends up, this planet, this and all species if it continues its current trajectory. What is it truly all for, love, experience’s, life, happenstance etc.? That question many of us have collectively. Our collective ebb and sway of adjusting to this existence and everything that entails, known and unknown.

For now, however the headache starts to subside, and those invisible to the human eye occurrences in the world shall flow on. When migraines strike my mind is not my own, sometimes I think it’s because I also contemplate this mortality and what that means. I think of my father that passed with an aneurism. I don’t worry but I do constantly think of that, I know it effects many of my choices as well, and I still find it rather fascinating that in the blink of an eye the lights can go out, and I would sleep the eternal slumber, energies dispersed and absorbed into all other currents. Currents that march on and when its time changing directions, new effects new outcomes, new possibilities.

Day 208

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