Day 207, ~ Dirt ~

Day 207-6

~ Dirt ~

Scented emotions

Permeating the senses





Short and sweet haiku, tried to think of my mindset for today and it was ok, as I looked outside upon the drizzling rain.  The only thought is to plant or not to plant that is the question. I decided to power through and plant because well it’s not pouring so I can accomplish something even though the bedding cocoon was so much more snuggly and safer. I think I’ll stop drinking coffee at some point at least this has been on my rambling mind as well. But today is not that day, as the caffeine helped a little with that extra kick. That combined with a couple beautiful flowers from the museum to help perk up the grounds.Day 207-8

So, my goal was set today they shall come into the earth so they can settle. As soon as I walked out though I smiled from ear to ear noticing the tree my partner and I bought last year as a respectful gift to the history of this house and a thank you of sorts that we have the pleasure of being able to help in its restoration. I hope one day it will become huge blooming golden flowers everywhere but for now I’m happy with this. It shows the tree is settling and blossomed so I’m happy as I was a little worried with the soil etc. There were even a couple big bumble bees buzzing around doing their jobs so very positive outcome.




Some random photos of some of the plants finally rooting around their new home. One of the tricks I like when I plant new seedlings or bought botanicals, is layering a little calcium pellets and if you don’t have those then I try to remember anytime you have egg shells to crush them up as fine as possible and place them in the soil. Lol tips from an amateur but My sun flowers last year growing over 9 feet tall makes me think they liked the little dusty treat.

There was a buss load of people visiting today as well, that can be trying for me to smile through whatever I’m feeling. But I did and they enjoyed themselves, so mission accomplished. All while I was dressed in my bright pink work outfit. Why bright pink you might wonder? Well it’s a good color but I prefer black. Anyhow this outfit is now bright pink because I was tired once and it was chilly outside, so I had a t-shirt and some jogging pants under the suit. Everything was white but I kind of forgot that when I undressed the t-shirt was balled up inside the suit. So, after a washing at around 80degrees. You know to help satisfy my mind that it will be cleaned well. I was a little shocked to open the wash and see a bright pink load of freshly washed clothing. So just call me pinky, and for a little extra quirk I wore some socks that my partner hasn’t worn in a little while maybe because of the little birds all over them but I think their kind of cute and it was a nice gift from father in law.Day 207-7

Tired now and the sun is now shining after a long day in the garden, I survived a little rain and after a long warm shower it feels nice, outdoor therapy at its best. Small accomplishment just jumping into my dirt and tools and just saying frack it, I met the rainy day full on, mismatched clothing and all.




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