Day 206, ~ Rolling Around ~

Day 206

~ Rolling Around ~

Falling and rolling

Hearts blissfully intertwined

Worlds woes fade away.



Dreamed a little today, my partner had to drive to the next city for some materials, so I tagged alone a car drive and just some distance to clear my head spaces. It was stunningly beautiful, and I think my skin drank up all the vitamin D it could from the sun. that is before small perspiration’s started signifying that my iciness was a little uncomfortable as well. Always happens I’m most likely one of the few defective when it comes to melanin doing what it should lol. I tend to stick to shadows like a vampire because the heat is just and never has been for me. that is unless fainting is in fashion to be caught by passersby that is.

While driving looking out the window seeing all the life sprout into bloom is always refreshing for your well being.  Of course, at the same time I’m picturing running through the fields naked frolicking with a lover, flying over the flowers and just doing the extraordinary. I’m always quickly brought back down to earth with a slight onset of panic thinking of all the small creepy ticks or bugs that would love to hitch a ride on our heated, salty, sweaty bodies as we frolicked. This quickly kills the bubbled dream if only for a moment before a new one arises. Today’s haiku is inspired by that all-encompassing thing called love some have the privilege to experience at least once in life.  

My heart for example still struggles to embrace this because my mind when its not dreaming is structured to a point where even if I were in that rapturous moment of bliss, I would analyze the hell out of it killing it instantly.  My partner is also rather a little defective when it comes to this thing called love. Which sparks many discussions on the topic now and then?  I also feel awkward sometimes because I’m so guarded even when he spontaneously wishes to hug me. He must embrace me and then reach down flinging my arms up around him. He knows I’m here that I care but he knows that when I do release in the rare moments it’s with my whole complete and utter self.

 In the end I know I would be there for him as he would for me that is until our union falls apart or some other factor comes into play. Lol already analyzing it to death, to keep things in perspective guess and prepared. I say all that to say maybe just maybe if I could flip a switch and be able to appreciate my emotions unadulterated and free, I just might be tempted to flip the switch. The road stretches further, time for growth. In the meanwhile, as the sticky sounds of car tires kiss the pavement, why not dream a little more, scented by floral notes of nature.

Day 206-2.jpg

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