Day 205, ~ Deep Shadows ~

Day 205-3.jpg

~ Deep Shadows ~

Radiant sunlight

Illuminating your steps

Shadows caress you.


Today just was struggling for a way to depict the crippling depression that sometimes takes over. Give it a purpose and a relatability for others. I could crawl under my blankets and fall into a slumber again helpless within its grasp, but I choose to embrace it today and try to bend it to my will and vision.

Day 205.jpg

That moment when you are caught within the vortex whirling around in the darkness unable to find your way, eyes wide open yet blinded. You still curl and protect your core.

Day 205-2.jpg

Next you start to rise, you start to establish a foundation and a way to stabilize yourself little. Still protected and in motion.

Day 205-3.jpg

Next, I find I am more upright able to communicate with both sides dancing with both in the odd in-between realm. Swirling and dipping in and out embraced from both sides, Life and Death.

Day 205-4.jpg

The spectrum’s of light raging within you a war constantly, you feel as though you will be torn apart and yet you remain whole. One or the other, and a variation of everything in between, that dances within us all.

My haiku is a happy one its one of love for both a mental love affair if you will. I like to think I have a grasp on this romantic (tête-à-tête) as I move in the intricate choreographed steps of life. I do not wish to decimate one or the other, but to understand and constantly grow and change with each. Some days will always be harder than others, but hell joy would not exist at all without the weight of its loving sibling despair.

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