Day 204, ~ Monday ~

Day 204-3.jpg

~ Monday ~

Crept in with quickness

You caught me in a moment

I was not prepared.


Just off for a little drive today, creating a little bubble away from everything and everyone. Day 204.jpgLetting the phone play through every album of music randomly affecting moods. A little slipknot, megadeath, Elohim, Madonna, Chambao, too much and too many to name and all genres. All however unique and all speak to different parts of me. Therefore, I can never answer questions about what music I like, Because I can appreciate it all. I love singing and making up random songs and even when I’m catching myself off key, I still wail out my emotions, my thoughts in music. Accordingly, I love a car drive and finding a little area where I’m alone and let it flow. Today I enjoyed that little bubble and created a little as well ah Monday’s. This Haiku just describes a feeling most who have Monday moods would understand I hope.

Day 204-2.jpg

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