Day 196, ~ Multi Soul ~

Day 196.jpg

~ Multi Soul ~

Spirited and free

Absorbing all whom he meets

Reflect and Transformed.



Today was meh a day positive but yeah filled with all that adult stuff you must do now and then, Laundry, dishes, socialize with the animals etc. So, I didn’t have much time for myself today so when I was able to steal some time I sat in my favorite chair and just grabbed a pencil and some paper and just drew. This guy was born, and he started morphing into an amalgamation of many men I have seen over the years. A positive representation of humanity I think, He’s a multicultural individual with DNA spanning many cultures and he wishes to embrace them all, a Multi Soul of sorts.

Also, hell we all do this we meet people we embrace and bond with people we become part of these people this is and always has been human. And why so many today have such unique and rich lives DNA included. Today I focus on the positive of that because when it’s done right and correctly, we all benefit and we all learn and grow, advancing the human species further.

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