Day 194, ~ Nude Beach ~ / ~ Naakt Strand ~

Day 194.jpg

~ Nude Beach ~

Exposed and raw flesh

Mingled, machinations flow

You sink, float, or swim.


~ Naakt Strand ~

Blootgesteld, rauw vlees

Gemengd, machinaties stroom

Je zinkt, zweeft, of zwemt.



Day 194-2

Today’s piece was inspired by my memories of crossing something off my life list. It was to visit a nude beach where in my head I thought you just chill in nature and remove all layers between you and it. Open free in the original suit as it were. Well that day was fun, but an eye opening for me as well. I love being wide eyed and observant a little naive doesn’t hurt either. But that day as I made my way to the beach by bike, wind in my hair and no thought other than will I really get naked around other people? I thought yeah why not that’s all it is nothing more nothing less.


As I found the park where it was labeled Naakt Strand (Nude Beach). I knew I found the place. I quickly looked around glancing to survey the area and quickly enough as not to stare at anyone. I found a tree where it seemed less exposed bodies were and thought perfect. I placed my blanket down, took out my towel and my book, a snack and a bottle of water, Laying them all strategically and gently on my blanket. I then stood up while looking down and just unbuttoned my jeans and slid my pants down, pulled my top over my head and laid everything down. Next was my bra and my panties that I took off next and laid down. Afterwards I sat down and realized oops my socks were still on, so I pulled them off and all the while still looking at the grass at the blanket etc. Once I felt ok, I thought hmm let’s read so I rested on my tummy and propped up on my arms started to read my book which I fell into quickly. The view I had ahead of me was a nice clear view of some rolling sand dunes and a bit further the water’s edge where the sunlight was dancing across it like diamond sparkles.


It was a bit too warm for me so I already knew I would not stay long maybe 2 hours max. I looked down at my book again and continued reading. When I looked up again, I was startled for a sec because someone had placed himself right in the middle of my view. Legs spread open and unlike how I drew this guy, the one in real life was propped up on one arm while staring intently my way with his other hand on his groin. I felt myself blush thinking what the hell, as I looked down quickly at my book. Just read nothing more nothing less. I looked up again there was another man a little further back legs wide opened pointed my direction and he was erect. Ok I thought this is enough as they multiplied. I tried to lay my book to the side rolled over onto my back and just focused looking up to the sky and daydreaming a little enjoying the breeze and the rays of the sun warming my flesh. I even allowed myself to lay with my legs slightly parted and yes, I must admit it felt wonderful letting air flow everywhere, gentle refreshing breezes. I heard grass rustling around me and knew ok that’s sounds closer now. I opened my eyes without turning around. I did not need an up close and personal view. I cast my glance behind me the opposite direction noticing just how many other people were at the beach. There were other women, If I remember correctly maybe 2 out of what appeared to be 30 plus men.


So yeah funny what you notice once you take off your rose-colored glasses. Even with the other people at the beach and it being broad daylight. I felt like a wildflower about to be stung. So, I turned around and looked the other way and saw other couples and I knew I decided it’s time to go. I slid on my socks and my cloths and packed everything slowly enough to show I wasn’t startled even though I was a little honestly. I placed everything back in my backpack and picked up my bike. Gave a shy coy smile to all in the vicinity and made my way to the sandy path, hearing every audible sound of sand grain as it was smooshed under my bike tires. Once it turned to sticking sounds on hard pavement, I mounted my bike and started to peddle back to the city. Experience now had, and mentally categorized and now I just want a coffee in a nice cafe and something to nibble on and my book to read.


In my image I drew some apples that were not present that day. But I love the symbolic nature of the apple for knowledge from Newton to the religious depiction from the tree of knowledge. I bit the apple and now I’m aware that sometimes those dreamy idealized visions we have of life and the experiences we embark upon, don’t always shimmer the way you think. Things can go left real fast, and I don’t wish to imply that it could have been a bad left. It’s just not what I was looking for. For someone else however it could have been a great moment with many other adventurous outcomes. Since this adventure took place on one of my trips to Holland, I wanted to try a Dutch version of my haiku also even with my limited vocabulary I think it came out well. 😊

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