Day 191, ~ Green ~

Day 191.jpg

~ Green ~

Above and below

Networked energies flowing

Cultivating life.


I have always loved trees and remember vividly at times always touching them or hugging them now and then.  Lol a true tree hugger. Just the smell and the life you feel emitting from within, around and upon its limbs. Even on dark days you can go outside and even in the wintertime when they are bare, they are so intricate and beautiful, slumbering thru the winter waiting to blossom again.

I always smile at post on @oignonsho instagram page because of the beautiful way in which they capture perspectives of tress and combine them in intricate patterns is mesmerizing. To some degree I love this process and todays sketching was inspired by them.

No plan I just enjoyed the process and let it become on its own. Just enjoyed diff techniques and focused only on the fact that I’m enjoying laying this line, dot, and color. No destination just process. It’s becoming rather meditative for me. Love the idea of growing becoming who you are extending your roots outward and inward but respectable of things around you, blossoming with them in a sense.

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