Day 189, ~ Mood Sketch ~

Day 189.jpg

~ Mood Sketch ~

Potential surrounds

Yet within a void you fall

Marking scratching moods.



Today’s feels keep grasping at everything surrounding me trying to climb out of the funk of the void that sometimes takes over. Overwhelmingly so at times, and no matter how much energy you expend you can’t seem to find your way through. It’s a constant dance with the emotional self, the physical, the surrounding world and energies and how all of this intermingles. How we are affected and how we affect things outside of ourselves.  I choose to smile I choose to spread a joy and kindness but if you catch me on an off day, I could be locked within like this. Bursting with those emotions people can find unpleasant, A hopeless wailing of grief, doubt despair from multiple influences. News, Social media platforms etc. These moments of explosive uncontrolled emotion also make us beautiful, vulnerable, flawed and breaks down our barriers for change and development. I liked today’s sketch because it’s a reflection of my mood how I was feeling, and it all started from me sitting in my chair Trying to figure out the day. Some Art is a mood felt, manifested and sometimes shared.

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