Day 188, ~ Sunny Day~

Day 188-9

~ Sunny Day~

Looking Lovingly

Searching, finding little joys

We thrive we survive.



Today was a beautiful day outside and it’s Norway’s national constitution day 17 Mai (The 17th of May).

It was perfect weather and so beautiful for the Folketoget (People Train) we meet up celebrate together and then take a long or short depending walk together in a mini parade wherever you are. I couldn’t today because last night something went weird in my body, I think a pinched nerve if I hazard a guess correctly. Anyhow it’s like my right leg just got the signals cut off and it wasn’t supporting anything. The discomfort rather eye opening. But me and the person I am you think you can power through it all, I said to myself as I kept falling to the floor. Luckily for me my partner had some crutches from a past injury so that helped me feel a little self-reliant.  So today trying to work through the still existing pain, I couldn’t focus long enough. So I asked my partner to borrow his camera Nikon D7100 and I had a little mini drive to my fav viewing park. Mobility was down still so I took in the immediate surround near the car. And found quite a few beautiful things:


Like this stone and its trifecta, stone, reflection, shadow.Day 188.jpg

A little patch of moss where it looks like fairies would frolic gleefully.

Day 188-2.jpg

A river of moss flowing over and through the stones.

Day 188-8.jpg

A little swampy patch that just appeared as constellations before my eyes.

Day 188-3.jpg

Pain started to strike my body, so I sat down again in the car to drink some water and just enjoy the silence. I still wanted to photograph something through, so I turned the camera around. And shot some details on myself.

Day 188-9.jpg

A shot of my eye because you know it’s a thing lol. I mean getting to see your eye the way you normally can’t is meaningful.

Day 188-5.jpg

My hair that I did a little mini double twist and put in some cute decorations I had bought to try something new. I was shocked I’ve been used to my hair my whole life but never really observed it up so close and alien looking. Rather fascinating little ropey braid.

Day 188-4.jpg


Enjoying the sunshine, it was so warm so pleasant and then it wasn’t. I’m an arctic person lol.


Looking out at the view again from afar and the lines of fog and seeing the atmosphere sectioned off I appreciated it.

Day 188-10.jpg

Looking down at the ground however the plague of plastics even manages to find itself at this elevation on this beautiful little mountain.  This is sad and angering, that people still care less about nature when traveling to places they love to sit but then they through their crap out into it.  The back floor of our car always looks like a mini landfill trying to help when we can by just picking things up that we find. Stinks when you must plan to always have some gloves with you to remove trash from places it shouldn’t be.

Found some little pieces hiding here and there, from a distance I thought they might be some shale or maybe funny colored stones but after closer inspection you saw some tiny threads which appeared to be fiberglass.

Day 188-6.jpg

Next to the road where I parked someone just dropped a plastic bottle.

Day 188-13.jpg


But I end now with a smile, as the pain hit me again in my back and leg, I sat down at a picnic table. After catching my breath and feeling useless with this pain I looked down and saw this cute little bugger of a beetle walking along the table. So, I dropped 3 drops of water further down his path and wouldn’t you know he walked up and stuck his head in and started drinking. That made me smile from inside out and laugh and enjoy this moment. After all moments are everything.

Day 188-11.jpg

Day 188-12.jpg

Time for the weekend and to planning that this pain abates in the night.

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