Day 187, ~ Flights of Fantasy ~

Day 187.jpg

~ Flights of Fantasy ~

Not all of them land

Some shatter before their born

Dream again we must.



Today has been known and referred to as throwback Thursday. Those days when people compare their older images to newer etc. I just thought of all the ideas and manifestations of these I have given birth to in my flights of fancy. I love this term because its where I live, so many things that come to me are unrealistic not practical and it’s in that area where maybe just maybe something amazing can happen as well. This image is one I love because I feel where it succeeds it also fails and had a negative effect on me as well. One I learned from in my journey to appreciate my body and my abilities such as they are.  Back then I had just taken up my photography again so yeah, I was rusty.  This image is from 26 of April 2008 with a Nikon D300.  That day it was a beautiful winter wonderland, the fresh blankets of snow and the blue sky, twisting and turning and adapting branches, and I saw contrast I saw colors and shapes, raw bare nature, I saw movement…

‘I saw a human body intertwined with the trees becoming one with their forms and beauty. Embracing nature her lover her companion her forever friend that she will share a bond with for all eternity.’

For those that are unaware yeah Body Dysmorphia is real. For some reason I saw myself blending and disappearing becoming one, afterwards however, and after much reflection I was able to look back and laugh thinking yeah, my body didn’t really mesh with the tree. I do love the nature where this was but sometimes, I miss the huge redwoods of California where some of my ideas of creating something with a tree without feeling like the tree myself are easily given birth to. I do like this image now and I have another idea Id like to create one day just must find the right tree proportionally.

The Haiku I created for today speaks to the fact that you must keep living and dreaming and trying, things will fail but it’s all part of the process and journey and in that way its own way it’s beautiful and should be appreciated. within the Haiku is another reflection on life and its degradation into building materials for new life.
(All of them shatter again.)



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