Day 185, ~ Self Portraits ~

Day 185.jpg

~ Self Portraits ~

Finding yourself late

When eyes begin to open

The light fades away



NOT intended to sound dark lol, just a brief reflection on the flow of life, I think. Picturing how many people find themselves later in life when their older, through a process of growing and learning how to and when to start appreciating your journeys. I hope I learn this, only this year I think I wondered why as an artist I don’t make more self-portrait inspired work. I think its honestly because I don’t know how to see me at times. Now with so much time away from many people I don’t have that sounding board to see myself through other eyes. I must be confronted daily with who I am, and if I like and respect this being if it presented in another form to me outside myself. Things that make your brain implode a little. But oh, so fun to ponder.

Today started working on a piece around 8am just having fun and trying to think of little things I tend to love. But its several hours later and I thought today’s post will be one of those multiple day processes. Here’s some of the beginning process concept, sketching, blocking, shading etc. Alas I should stop for now and I don’t want to but if I don’t, I could keep messing with this until the next day which would mean ignoring my blog and those pesky real-life things. I’m not hating the discipline that it is helping to instill in my daily creative routines.

Day 185-2

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