Day 184, ~ Lifted ~

Day 184-4.jpg

~ Lifted ~

Spirited away

Leaving solid forms behind

They flew with Sea Hawks


Day 184.jpg


Was already thinking about today’s post yesterday when I needed a moment to catch my breath and re-center myself.  Spiraling a little out of control I grasped onto another vice I have the one that calls to something inside. I hoped in the car and drove just a couple min down the road to a place I’ve grown to like. It’s an old windmill park, they have been removed as a new park was established nearby. So, this place is becoming a kind of look out point to just appreciate the view. There are not many settled around these parts so it’s usually empty, calm and quiet.

Day 184-3.jpg

It was a little cold but as I gazed out of the car will some chill music playing, I just appreciated the moment. It was a little cold and I wasn’t as per usual dressed for it, but I had to hop out of the car. When I did I naturally just throw my arms up head back eyes closed and let the wind whip around me encompassing and chilling me, at times feeling as though it traveled through me. I was no longer me I was energy seeking other energy. I opened my eyes briefly to notices that two large curious Sea Hawks had come rather close and were gliding near me. I don’t know but it felt comforting, it felt like in a moment we were appreciating the winds together. I was sorrowing high and free from cumbersome weights and stresses. There is an instinct here, there’s a natural pull to this world and every living thing in it. As I looked out and enjoyed the view and the dance of the clouds I thought, I hoped that the world would see many more lifetimes and humans would learn to appreciate the balance and realize this is not ours its all living creatures and there’s a balance, there’s always a balance.

Day 184-2.jpg
Just random shot that inspired today’s sketch


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