Day 183, ~ Pollination ~

Day 183-5.jpg

~ Pollination ~

Fertilizing all

Words, sounds, visuals dispersed

Touching open souls



Today had some fun after resting at the appropriate times and waking rather early. The whole day was open and waiting to be filled. I immediately had some coffee and saw my partner off to work. Afterwards I sent out some CV’s to several job openings and now that waiting period is at hand. Day 183.jpg

When this was done, I thought I will sketch in my greenhouse and check on the flowers I planted. Naturally there were some cute little budding plants Day 183-2starting to sprout from. Some always seem so sad when you see a huge compact piece of dirt on top of this little arching flower, ready to seize the day.  I managed to snap a couple shots before of course being a little disappointed in our two cats but only briefly. I know they just want to say hi and spend time with me at least that’s what every cat caretaker hopes. I hope they need me lol, but I don’t think they minded either way.

Day 183-4.jpgThey both decided to rip and tear their way to the top of the green house for the best views. Once I was finished with watering the beds, I sat down and just started sketching.

I think my haiku and title sums up my thinking. I was focused on pollen and pollination and the notion of all the pollinating we do as a social species in so many shapes and forms. For others and I at times it can be overwhelming, but visually depicted this way I wanted to express something beautiful. Instead the weightiness of the infinite forms it takes as it encloses and presses in on us all, in the end possibly crushing us. I thought of this urgency in the pallet vibrant yet so light and airy as it bleeds into a heavier more intense feeling encumbering us completely.

While Finishing up I thought I like the effect of dawn til dusk.


This last image was under the process, but for some reason I also loved it this way fleshed without color.Day 183-3.jpg


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