Day 182, ~ Symbolic ~

Day 182-2.jpg

~ Symbolic ~

Deciphering life

Confusing combinations

Erratic samples



It’s Thursday but my mood is lost in a simpler time when were tiny. We’d wake to have some sugary cereals and sit in front of a color TV turning on Saturday morning cartoons. Becoming lost in colors and fantasy and giggles for some hours, before running outside into the big wide safe world of our yard and letting fantasy fly free. So, today’s inspiration was this mood, I don’t mind waking and doing all the big people stuff as it were but sometimes, we just need some bright colors some giggles and fun. I’m lying to myself I was quite moody today as well, so this feeling of innocent cartoony joy was minute and fleeting. But it did exist while drawing this out. That’s why I’m including a mono-toned version because without that infinite balance I’m not sure we would really appreciate the happy shiny bright times.

Day 182.jpg

Today I did what I should not soon as I woke, I caught up on some news, I know this is the worst thing to do. As my fingers activated my phone reluctantly and the screen lit up, I knew I did not want to or care to know any of it, who was shot while holding a cell phone, some celebrity loves someone, a politician said what, and blah blah. I think even at this point it just might be wise to return to those days of toddler youth and just wake up, have something good for breakfast, skip tv and media all together and just go outside to walk and frolic in nature and let fantasy fly free. We allow so much to constantly color and affect our lives giving us hues of self, forming a hopefully more complete and layered being.

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