Day 179, ~ Hindsight’s ~

Day 179.jpg

~ Hindsight’s  ~

Observed and ignored

Egos manifested reign chaos




I’m hopeful as many are in our efforts to reduce the impact humans have on this planet. But the rape and pillaging of its other life and resources will not go unrewarded. The balance that should be seems to not rate on a scale of importance as it should. As signs manifest and are ignored we march like lemmings to our death. My mind rambles today because its painful to think of its daunting and feels insurmountable. I just did some quick sketching today and the beauty I observed and remembered was taking only what you needed, leaving a minimal footprint and knowing to replenish and restock the lives and resources that were removed for your survival.  Like the fisherman only taking what he needs to feed his family for the winter. Maybe some neighbors as well, Clothing woven mittens from a loved one. Clothing repaired and not replaced until its utterly impossible to use.

There’s too much of I want, and I need right now mentalities without thinking of the consequences. News sources speaking of the Arctic the new frontier for lands to fight over and try and claim first. While I’m thinking maybe leave it the F”#K alone, it’s not nor has it ever been only for humans. Alas people see money (man-made) they see power (man-made) they see the idea of control (man-made), what they don’t see is life or the destruction of another beautiful untouched place that people appreciate traveling to but can’t see the destruction its bringing behind them. Countries waiting til the last possible minute to protect species and areas of natural beauty and nature, their true treasures, it baffles me that it always takes so long to figure out. Once they do, they realize the dire situation, they cannot rectify the problem on a scale equal to its destruction. The children and future generations of all life suffers or becomes extinct. To be written about and documented only to be forgotten and destroyed when the world has had enough.

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