Day 178, ~ Flood Waters ~


~ Flood Waters ~


Weighted emotions

Blossoming bouts of life’s flows

Ebbing waves crashing



It’s funny how we all deal with things, we all learn techniques to tackle and adjust to life and what washes along the shores of our persons. We can choose to swim out into the depths of the sea, or we can wait patiently on dry land for something more to wash ashore. I choose to swim even though it wreaks havoc with my hair lol. I tend to refortify and assess and then after some logical down time react. Debatable how long down time should be since it differs for every being out there. But it’s a beautiful Friday today, the weather has jumped from sunny and cloudy to cloudy with rain, snow and even some hail. Life is unexpected and will always have challenges, we protect ourselves cocoon and then break free newer and at times wiser. Today I didn’t care where my piece took me I just let it form itself, and it formed a feeling.

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